PyeongChang signature Hanwoo Burger on offer today at McDonald’s

by Busan Haps Magazine
Stripes Korea

McDonad’s Korea will offer a Signature Korean Beef Burger today at select locations around the country.

The burger, which is being promoted for the PyeongChang Olympic Games, will only have 10,000 available for purchase.

The burger, which retails for 9,900 won for just the burger and 12,300 won for a set, features white and yellow cheddar cheese, deep fried potatoes, mushroom, bacon, onion and steak sauce.

All purchasers will be entered into a contest — 150 first prize winners will win a ticket to a short track final at the Olympics while all other purchasers will win a coupon for a free future burger.

Prospective purchasers must be in-store and not online or drive-thru.

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