Resiliency-focused Wolf Pack University enhances 8th FW competence

by Senior Airman Savannah Waters
Kunsan Air Base

KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Over the past two years, a resiliency-focused program called Wolf Pack University has given Airmen at Kunsan Air Base the opportunity to exercise personal choices for overall growth with the support of frontline supervisors and higher leadership.

Wolf Pack University is a collegiate-mirrored system which includes a personalized curriculum, transcripts, advisors, electives and a diploma specific to being at Kunsan.

“Wolf Pack University is for every Airman—officer and enlisted alike,” said Brigit Hendrix, 8th Fighter Wing community support coordinator. “It provides opportunities that tie to the mission through activities and classes across the base, local community and our host nation.”

The most recent group of WPU graduates from the 8th FW included Tech. Sgt. Rodney Transfiguracion, 8th Maintenance Squadron unit deployment manager.

“Wolf Pack University presents opportunities for self-development and strengthening our alliance with our host nation,” Transfiguracion said. “[It] benefits the 8th Fighter Wing’s mission and its Airmen, and gives Airmen a chance to break out of their shell to try new things.”

The curriculum includes community events and activities during both on and off-duty hours. As part of their courses, Airmen can also meet local nationals and make new friends, experience local traditions and a gain a better understanding of the culture they support, Hendrix said.

The program’s courses were developed for the purpose of helping 8th FW airmen develop resiliency in the four Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) domains: physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

Since WPU focuses on getting Airmen at the 8th FW involved and creating a stronger sense of community, graduates like Transfiguracion have the ability to work on professional development and personal goals through education and event participation. By doing this, they can use the tools and experiences they gain at WPU to improve morale and the work environment at their units.

Find out how to participate in Wolf Pack University and track personal WPU credits using the following steps:

1. Visit the WPU SharePoint site

2. Review catalogue, choose a track, print the applicable WPU Curriculum Worksheet

3. Keep all AF, 8 FW, unit, & AFSC training current

4. Obtain signature of POC or instructor on WPU Curriculum Worksheet for activities & classes

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