ROK-US alliance cherished the memory of the honorable heroes

by Pvt. Il Woong Kong
U.S. Army

DAEGU, South Korea -- The 6th Ordnance Battalion hosted the 15th Annual Hill 303 Wreath Laying and Memorial Ceremony at the Hill 303 monument near Camp Carroll in Waegwan, South Korea, June 16, to cherish the memory of fallen heroes of the Korean War.

According to an official report, on Aug. 14, 1950, 26 American soldiers were surprised and captured by North Koreans whom the Americans had reason to believe were reinforcements. The men were stripped of their combat boots and personal belongings and their hands were tied behind their backs. The second day after capture, several other American prisoners joined their group, bringing the total number to 45. On the third day all of the prisoners were led to a ravine, and without warning, while their hands were tied, were shot in cold blood.

"I felt grateful and sorry for American Soldiers' devoted sacrifice for defending the flame of democracy burning in South Korea," said Mr. Song In-Tae, Hill 303 Memorial Ceremony coordinator. "The ceremony started as a good neighbor program managed by 6th Ordnance BN, but now it became a valuable ROK-U.S. alliance ceremony that a lot of citizens participate."

Soldiers hiked up the steep hill early in the morning. When they reached the top of the hill the soldiers, together with the Korea Veterans Association and local students, laid a wreath and flowers on the memorial.

In the afternoon, 6th Ordnance BN soldiers, Korean War veterans, USAG-Daegu, elected officials and Seok-Jeon Middle School students gathered to pay respects. They laid wreaths and roses to honor the heroes who fell at Hill 303 in Waegwan.

"The significance of this event is not just the fallen soldiers on Hill 303, but rather the people here today," said Cpt. Trevor L. Wild, Commander 84th Ordnance Company, 6th Ordnance BN. "Everyone here has come together to remember that even when we have been captured and subjected to the supreme brutality of the enemy. The ROK-US alliance has endured and shown its might in the daunting face of death."

"Trough this ceremony, we should never forget the noble sacrifice of the fallen heroes, thinking about the precious values of freedom and peace," said Song. "They sacrificed for the freedom and peace in the Republic of Korea. Therefore, keeping our freedom and peace through strengthening the ROK-US alliance is the best way to honor their sacrifice."

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