Self Checkout Kiosks Becoming the Norm at Fast Food Restaurants in Korea

Self Checkout Kiosks Becoming the Norm at Fast Food Restaurants in Korea

by Haps Staff
haps Magazine Korea

Self checkout kiosks are becoming more prominent around fast food restaurants in Korea as minimum wage hikes this year has forced companies to reduce labor costs.

According to Korea Bizwire (

In the dining industry, “self-service” is the buzzword of the moment, with established buffet restaurant franchises such as Shinsegae Food’s Olbaan and E-land’s Ashley testing customer response to varying levels of self-service.

Across the fast food industry, where self-service is a given, Lotteria, Burger King and McDonald’s have placed ordering kiosks in over 30 percent of their respective franchises, with the eventual goal of putting one in every store.

An individual from the Korea Foodservice Industry Association said automation and self-service would become major trends among mid-sized and larger dining companies that are in pursuit of lower labor costs.

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