In southeastern Korea, temps to be similar or higher than average this winter

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Temperatures this winter in the southeastern regions of Korea will be similar to last years according to predictions from local weather authorities.

According to the predictions for this winter announced by Busan Regional Office of Meteorology, the average temperature from December of this year to next February in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam will be similar to or a little higher than the average of last year’s.

December will be similar to the normal temperature (2.4 to 3.4 degrees), and January will be similar to or higher than the normal temperature (0.2 to 1.2 degrees). February is expected to be similar to normal temperature (2.1 to 3.5 degrees).

Precipitation is also predicted to be similar to the annual level. The amount of precipitation in December will be similar to or more than the average precipitation between 7-23 mm. January precipitation will be similar to or less than normal precipitation between 19.6-31.4 mm, and February will be similar to normal precipitation with 29.8-49.7 mm.

The meteorology office also added that continental high-pressure will be extended on some days and the temperatures could drop considerably.

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