Speakin’ Korean: To do verbs

by Stripes Korea
Stripes Korea
These “to do” verbs can truly multiply your vocabulary. There are many Korean verbs with this verb stem but often you will see “borrowed words” from other languages here as well. One example of this is shoppingha-da. The pronunciation may vary from what you are used to but the word is the same. Below are some of the “ha-da” verbs and their meanings.
  • To study: gong-bu ha-da
  • To like: jo-a-ha-da
  • To love: sa-rang-ha-da
  • To exercise: un-dong-ha-da
  • To telephone: chon-hwa-ha-da
  • To say: mal-ha-da
  • To answer: dae-daap-ha-da
  • To chat or talk: ii-ya-gi-ha-da
  • To dislike: shil-eo-ha-da
  • To plan: ge-hwek-ha-da
  • To be quiet: jo-yong-ha-da
  • To calculate: kye-san-ha-da
  • To start: shi-jak-ha-da

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