Speakin’ Korean: Introductions and greetings

by Stripes Korea
Stripes Korea
An-nyeong-ha-se-yo / An-nyeong-ha-shim-ni-kka 
* The first of these is casual while the second is more formal and polite.
It is nice to meet you. 
It is nice to meet you / It is a pleasure
I’m meeting you for the first time (How do you do?).
Goodbye (to someone who is staying) 
An-nyeong-hee-kye-se-yo (Informal/ casual)
An-nyeong-hee-kye-ship-shi-yo (More formal/polite)
Goodbye (to someone who is leaving)
An-nyeong-hee-ga-se-yo (Informal/ casual)
An-nyeong-hee-ga-ship-shi-yo (More formal/polite)
See you later
Na-joong-eh-pwa-yo (casual to a friend)
Na-Joong-eh-pwep-gess-sub-ni-da (more formal)
My name is XXX: 
Che  I-rum-un  XXX  ib-ni-da.)
What is your name?
I-rum-un  mu-eo-sib-ni-ka?
I-rum-un  eo-toh-kye-dwe-shib-ni-ka?
I am XX years old
Nan XX saal ib-ni-da
What is your age?/ How old are you?
Yeon-se eo-toh-kye-dwe-shib-ni-ka? (this is polite and a bit
Myeot Saal I-ni? (For adults speaking to a child)
How are you? (how have you been)
Chal-ji-nae-sheo-sseo-yo? (Are things going well?)
Yes, I am fine
Neh, Chal-iss-ub-ni-da
I am just so-so

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