Speakin’ Korean lesson: Don’t work too hard

Speakin’ Korean lesson: Don’t work too hard

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Whether you’re an essential worker or still working from home, it is easy to get a bit carried away.

If somebody around you works too much, try this phrase – “Neomu murihaji maseyo.”

When we work from home, you might find yourself or your family working extra or too hard with forgetting the regular work schedule of the office.

Give a word of encouragement to your fellow colleagues, family or friends with: “Neomu murihaji maseyo.” It means “Please don’t push yourself too hard / don’t work too hard / Take it easy.”

“Neomu murihaji maseyo.”

“Neomu ” – too much, very

“muri” – to go too far

“hajimaseyo” – please don’t

Stay safe and we’ll see you in the next Speakin’ Korean lesson!

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