Speakin’ Korean lesson: How are you?

Speakin’ Korean lesson: How are you?

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

How do you stay in touch with friends or family you don’t live with? Whether it’s in person, by phone or email, check in and practice a few new Korean phrases. Strengthen your vocabulary and impress your friends during social distancing with the words below.


How are you?

= 잘 지냈어요? (jal jinesseoyo?) – standard

= 잘 지냈어? (jal jinaesseo) – informal

* If you haven’t seen someone in a while, use these phrases.

● 잘 (jal) = well

● 지냈어요 (jinaesseoyo) = to spend time or live (standard past tense)

Hello! Hi!

= 안녕하세요! (annyeonghaseyo) – standard

= 안녕! (anyoung) – informal

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