Speakin’ Korean: Talkin' Olympics

by Stripes Korea
Stripes Korea
The Pyeongchang Olympics have finally arrived, and they are sure to be the talk of Korea for a couple of weeks. Here are a few phrases to help you sound like a local as you watch the action.
- What is your favorite Olympic event?
Jeil joha-haneun ollimpig gyeonggi-neun mow-eyo?
- Who is your favorite Olympian?
Jeil joha-haneun ollimpig seonsu-neun nugu-eyo?
- I like downhill skiing.
Jeo-neun alpine ski-leul joha-haeyo.
- I’m cheering for Team U.S.A!
Jeo-neun migugtim-eul eungwon-hago e-sseoyo!
- Do you like the summer or winter Olympics more?
Yeoleum Olympic-eul duh joahanayo anemyun gyeool Olympic-eul duh j oahhanayo?
- Are you going to the Olympics?
Ollimpig gyeong-gi bo-leo ga seyo?
- Can I get tickets to the Olympics?
Ollimpig gyeong-gi ticket-eul guhal su in-nayo?

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