Speakin’ Korean: Winter Words

Speakin’ Korean: Winter Words

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As with many cultures, family is of the utmost importance in Korea. Here are a few helpful words to impress your friends and family.


- It’s cold out.

Bakk-e choo-wuh-yo.


- It might snow today.

O-neul noon ol-soodo iss-uh-yo.


- Be careful of the ice.

Bing pan joshim-ha-seyo.


- Do you want to build a snowman?

Noon-saram mandeu-sil-lae-yo?


- Don’t forget to wear gloves.

Jang-gab chakyong ha-shi-neun-geu it-ji ma-seyo.


- Do you ski or snowboard?

Ski ta-seyo ani-myun snowboard ta-seyo?


- Do you like winter?

Gyeo-eul joha-ha-seyo?


- What is your favorite season?

Je-il jo-ha-ha-neun gye-jeol-eun mo-ae-yo?


- Wear a scarf.

Scarf-leul doo-reu-sae-yo.


- Spring is coming soon.

Bome-e go-d wayo.


- Isn’t the snow beautiful?

Noon-e areum-dab-ji an-nayo?

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