Speakin' Korean: A bike ride

Speakin' Korean: A bike ride

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

- Do you know where the nearest bike share is? Gakkaun jajeongeo daeyeosoga eodi inneunji aseyo?
- Want to go for a bike ride? Jajeongeo tareo gallaeyo?
- Helmet: Helmet
- Bicycle: Jajeongeo
- Bike lock: jajeongeo Jamulsoe
- Bike parking: Jajeongeo jucha
- Follow me. Nareul ttara oseyo.
- Watch out for cars! Cha josimhaseyo!
- My bike has broken down. Jajeongeoga gojang nasseoyo.
- My bike got a flat tire! Taieo-ga peongkeu nasseoyo!
- I am thirsty. Mongmallayo
- I need some water. Mul masigo sipeoyo.
- Let’s rest here for a while. Yeogiseo jamkkan swieotda gayo.

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