Speakin' Korean: Eating Korean

Speakin' Korean: Eating Korean

by Stripes Korea
Stripes Korea

When you go out to eat at a Korean restaurant with meat as the main dish, you will want to order a bit differently than you would at an American restaurant. Of course, if you are ordering a steak or a hamburger it is no different. However, if you are ordering meat to be grilled at your table you will normally order by the serving:

  • Give me three servings of ribs: gal-bi sam-in-bun ju-seyo. (The “sam-in-bun” part of the request is asking for 3 servings/portions.)
  • Beef: so-go-gi
  • Beef Ribs: so-gal-bi
  • Rib roast cut into small grillable portions but without the bone: so-gal-bi-sal
  • Sirloin cut for grilling Korean style: Doong-shim
  • Pork: Dwe-ji-go-gi
  • Pork ribs: Dwe-ji-gal-bi
  • Side pork (uncured): sam-gyop-sal

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