Speakin' Korean: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Speakin' Korean: Happy Valentine’s Day!

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Here’s some phrases that might make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter for you.

- Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Haeng-bok-han bal-len-ta-in-de-i doe-se-yo!

- I like you. 
Jeo-neun dang-sin-eul joa-ham-nida.

- You are a very nice person. 
Dang-sin-eun jeong-mar joh-eun sa-ram-i-e-yo

- Would you like to go on a date? 
Juh-rang de-i-teu-ha-sil-re-yo?

- Do you like chocolate? 
Cho-kol-lit Joa-ha-se-yo?

- Thank you for the chocolate. 
Cho-kol-lit Go-ma-wo-yo.

- These are beautiful flowers. 
Kko-chi a-reum-dam-ne-yo.

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