Speakin' Korean: Useful phrases and words for summer

Speakin' Korean: Useful phrases and words for summer

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

- Please turn off the fan. Seonpunggi kkeojuseyo
- Do you know where I can get a cheap fan? Eodiseo seonpunggi ssage sal su inneunji arayo?
- I don’t sleep with the fan on. Nan seonpunggi eopsineun motjayo. 
- Please turn the fan this way. Seonpunggi baram ijjogeuro haejuseyo.
- Where is the air conditioner? Eeokeon eodi isseoyo?
- Where is the remote control? Rimokeoneun eodi isseoyo?
- Please turn the AC down. Eeokeon ondo jom natchwojwoyo.
- It’s hot outside! Bakke eomcheong deowoyo!
- What is the temperature? Myeot doyeyo?
- Can you set the timer on the fan for one hour? Seonpunggi taimeoreul hansiganeuro matchwo jullaeyo?
- I would like to purchase a fan. Seonpunggi sago sipeoyo.

Fan - Sonpunggi
Air conditioner - Eeokeon
Summer - Yeoreum
Humidity - Seupgi
Bedtime - Chwichimsigan
Electric bill - Jeongise
Ventilation - Hwangi
Heat wave - Pogyeom

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