Speakin' Korean: Useful phrases to combat COVID-19

Printable image - https://www.facebook.com/StripesPacific/photos/a.258282020886454/2929279413786688
Printable image - https://www.facebook.com/StripesPacific/photos/a.258282020886454/2929279413786688

Speakin' Korean: Useful phrases to combat COVID-19

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

As measures to combat COVID-19 ramp up, you may find yourself needing extra assistance, especially if you’re off-base. Use these helpful common phrases below to get the help you need from our neighbors here in Korea.

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I have a fever. = yeo-ri-nayo. ( 열이 나요 )  
I have a cough. = gichimi nawayo. ( 기침이 나와요 )
I have a sore throat = mogi apayo ( 목이 아파요 )
I feel a chill = ohani isseoyo. (오한이 있어요)

Excuse me. = sil-rae-hamnida. (실례합니다)
Where is the rest room? = hwajangshil-un odie itsumnikka? (화장실은 어디입니까?)
Is there somewhere I can wash my hands? = son ssiseul gosi innayo? (손 씻을 곳이 있나요?)

Is there a face mask available? = masukhu innayo? (마스크 있나요?)
Where I can find a hand sanitizer? = son sodokjeneun eodie innayo (손 소독제는 어디에 있나요?)
Where I can find a thermometer = che-on-gye-neun eodie innayo (체온계는 어디에 있나요?)

Face mask = masuku 마스크
Thermometer = che-on-gye 체온계
Hand sanitizer = son sodokche 손 소독제
Coronavirus = co-ro-na bai-reo-seu코로나 바이러스 
*USFK Novel Coronavirus 24-hour hotline BDAACH: 050-3337-2566 (mobile to DSN); 737-2556 (DSN)

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