Strong winds and cold return to Busan, Korea

Strong winds and cold return to Busan, Korea

haps Korea Magazine

With a strong wind advisory issued for the Busan region, a cold wave advisory is also due to take effect starting from 9 pm last night.

The strong winds in Busan yesterday led to a series of damage reports including broken windows and torn banners.

The Busan Fire Department received at least 9 reports related to strong winds as of 5 p.m. yesterday.

There was a report that a window on the second floor of a building in Haeundae-gu was damaged and the building had debris fall from its outer wall.

There was also a report that a 10 meter-high corrugated outer wall of an apartment building in Suyeong-gu was at risk of falling.

Meanwhile, Busan Police also received three wind-related reports.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -3’C by morning with a high of 7’C.

On Tuesday night, a low of -5’C is expected with Wednesday only seeing a high of 1’C.

Temperatures are expected to stay near or below freezing until a weekend warmup.

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