Taekwondo now part of PT for HHD, Daegu

by Pfc. Soh, Jung-han
USAG Daegu Public Affairs

USAG DAEGU – U.S. Soldiers and KATUSAs from Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), USAG Daegu are now conducting Taekwondo PT, a Korean martial art, every Tuesday at the Victory Field, Camp Henry. Lee, Ki-Do, the Taekwondo master from Daegu Taekwondo Association is teaching us about the basic postures and movements about Taekwondo such as stances and ways of kicking and p unching.

Mr. Lee has been teaching Taekwondo to the U.S. Soldiers for about 8 years. He said “This Taekwondo PT has been done for years from the 2nd Infantry Division which is located at the Dongducheon and Uijeonbu in Area I. The reaction was good and as a result, the Area IV also started to do the Taekwondo PT. I was selected as a member of the Taekwondo instructors who are competent and eager to teach Taekwondo to U.S. Soldiers by Daegu Taekwondo Association. I have been teaching Taekwondo to U.S. Soldiers for about 8 years”.

Soldiers of HHC, USAG Daegu has been doing Taekwondo PT since July 26th. During the Taekwondo PT, they have learned about the basic things of Taekwondo such as punching, blocking and kicking. Mr. Lee showed us the demonstrations first how to perform correctly. He explained to us step by step so we can repeat after him easily. Mr. Lee explained about the plans saying, “First of all, we will keep learning about the basic things about Taekwondo during PT. After we learn it, there is going to be a test about what we have learned during the PT on a monthly or bimonthly basis. If you pass the test, you will be promoted to a next rank. Finally, you are able to get the “black belt” rank”.

He also added, “It is still difficult to explain Taekwondo in English. But now it really doesn’t matter because I can show my movements to them. I hope that many U.S. Soldiers learn about the Taekwondo and earn black belts. With U.S. Soldiers, I want to enter the Taekwondo competition which involves sparring, breaking. Also it would be great if we could earn medals and prizes for good performances”.

Pvt. Heo, Ji-Ung from HHC, USAG Daegu commented after the Taekwondo PT. He said, “I think it is very good to do Taekwondo PT every Tuesday morning. It is a great opportunity to introduce and teach Taekwondo to U.S. Soldiers. It also helps our body stay fit and balanced. I want to learn more about Taekwondo”.

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