Taxi service fore pregnant women to begin in Busan

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Busan city announced that it has selected Deungdae-call taxi company as the representative taxi operator for pregnant women.

The announcement comes as the city reviewed Deungdae-call, independent cab drivers, and Jabi-call to be designated as the representative taxi operator for pregnant women.

It is the first such program in the country.

The city had initially planned to designate Jabi-call, a disabled call taxi operator, to also promote the special taxi fare program for pregnant women, however, a recent dispute between the company and the city had allowed other taxi operators to compete for the program.

The program, which will be called Mama Call, will be for pregnant women, including those who have given birth in the last 1 year, who use taxis by calling them will get 65% off their ride costs, up to 20,000 won.

The service is expected to begin March 16th. Registration is needed and available from March 1, and you can register your proof of pregnancy or childbirth after installing the dedicated app on Google Play (Android) and App Store (ios).

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