Top 10 military transition podcasts

by Justin Sloane
Everyone recommends you find a mentor when you transition out of the military, and you certainly should. Podcasts can both help you find a mentor and life-hack the need for a mentor until you find the right one. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 Military Veteran Transition podcasts. These podcasts are all geared toward helping veterans transition, and often include interviews with veterans who have had successful civilian careers.
Do you need more convincing? Some of the guests from these shows include veterans such as a former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort, startup creators such as Vet-Tech, Entrepreneur on Fire, Broughton Hotels, and Two Men and a Truck, a game writer on the Game of Thrones (the author of this article), writer and artist of the military comic Terminal Lance, and many more.
– Byron Chen
Previous episodes include:
Jim Estes: Former PGA tour player starts The Salute Military Golf Association
Nicholas Bradfield: Simple do-it-yourself investing that beats the pros
Command your business
– Scott Fussell
Previous episodes include:
Larry Broughton: Army Special Forces to running a Hotel Empire
Interview with Ken Robbins: 20 Yr Army Vet to entrepreneur
Veteran on the move
– Joe Crane
Previous episodes include:
High School drop out to Dr. and founder of Blue Dragon Enterprises with Air Force Veteran Rob Garcia.
Center for transitional leadership with founder and Army Veteran Bob Ulin
Military entrepreneur show
– Dan Evans
Previous episodes include:
Sarah Plummer Taylor:  Marine turned author, speaker & entrepreneur
Nick Bradfield: Founder of Divvy Investments
Military veterans in creative careers
– Justin Sloan, Jennifer Marshall, Trevor Scott
Previous episodes include:
Cinematography and film school with Christopher Murray
Military writing scholarship for the San Francisco Writers Conference and more!
Lead like a Marine
– Frank Gustafson
Previous episodes include:
Darryl Lyons:  author, small business big pressure, veteran advocate
Chris Kennedy: PHD, US Navy pilot, author, publisher, entrepreneur
In the trenches
– Tom Morkes
Previous episodes include:
How to create a platform with Marshall Van Alstyne
How to build a business as a millennial with Mojca Mars
The military wallet podcast
– Ryan Guina
Previous episodes include:
Buy back military service for civil service retirement credits with a military service credit deposit
Health care benefits after Separating from the military
Veteran transition podcast
– Craig Mayville
Previous episodes include:
Chris Henry: Former Marine Sgt. and HMH-463 Air framer
Lou: Former Marine SSgt and CH-53 mechanic
Mentors for military podcast
– Scott Kinder, Rudy Lindsey, Mike Pritts, Kat Kaelin
Previous episodes include:
Matt Johnson:  Former UK Veteran, cop, and current Author
Tackling boredom and lack of structure post military
Each of the above podcasts covers military transition, but in their own way. For example, Frank Gustafson’s Lead Like a Marine podcast focuses on leadership and discovering your passion in the workplace, The Military Wallet is more focused on leveraging your benefits to succeed, and the Military Veterans in Creative Careers podcast focuses on veterans who want to transform their creative interests into careers.
The advice from these podcasts is immensely valuable both as you start your transition and as you continue on your career. Look to these speakers and guests as your virtual mentors, and if nothing else, some great inspiration. If you like a guest and want to connect, find their email (sometimes their contact information is included in the “show notes” – the information provided in the link to their episodes on the websites or within iTunes). There are plenty of other helpful military transition podcasts out there too, so don’t stop with these ones.
If you have a story to tell, contact the podcast hosts and ask to be on the show. They are always looking for more guests, and they look forward to hearing your story!

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