Tossing a sofa? There’s a sticker for that!

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

If PCSing is in your near future, you are moving to a new place or are simply in the process of decluttering, knowing how to dispose of large items is a must if you live off base in South Korea. First, figure out the quantity and size of the items you want to get rid of and then contact your local district office to request a specific sticker certificate for oversized garbage disposal.

Once you obtain the stickers and you have secured them onto the items, they are ready to be placed in your designated trash disposal area or on the curb. The price of the stickers (KRW 1,000 to 18,000 or $0.84 to $15.00) is different for each district office. You can save time by buying your disposal tickets at markets, but you will still need to contact the district office to pick up items. Pickup days vary by district as well, but in Pyeongtaek, items can be placed out for collection from Sunday to Friday after 8 p.m. Note that setting out items on Saturdays or during the day is prohibited.

Other items that require special attention are broken glass and ceramics. For these, a special trash bag, which can be purchased at local supermarkets, convenience stores or city council, is required. This bag is also for other non-flammable trash tiles, brick, etc. Depending on the size, in Pyeongtaek, the bags come in 5 to 50 kg sizes and vary in price (KRW 2,000 - 6,000).

While decluttering is gaining popularity or you’re anxious to update your home decor, in South Korea, it’s important to know before you throw!

Who to call

Resource Circulation Division, Pyeongtaek City Council: 8024-3861, 3862, 3863.

Environment and Sanitation Division, Anjung Branch Office: 8024-8261, 8261,8263.

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