Two caught for selling fake masks in Busan

Two caught for selling fake masks in Busan

BeFM News

Here is the latest news on the COVID-19 situation in Busan and the surrounding areas from BeFM News and local media outlets.

First Patient Discharged in Busan

4,335 COVID-19 infections have been confirmed in South Korea so far and 26 deaths.

Busan city had three additional cases for a total of 79 confirmed patients and discharged its first patient today.

The discharged patient, Busan-50, is a 36 year old woman from Buk-gu, who was confirmed on the 25th and sent to Pusan National University Hospital for quarantine treatment.

The patients confirmed today include the 5-year-old son of patient 76, a Shincheonji follower, and two patients connected to Daegu.

News on confirmed patients and their recent routes can be found on the BeFM website ( or on the BeFM Facebook page.

Police Arrest Two for Making, Selling Fake Masks

The police have arrested two people who set up a mask-making facility at a motel room that produced fake medical masks.

The Busan Police Agency said yesterday that it has arrested two people under suspicion of manufacturing and selling 10,000 defective medical masks that have not been certified.

According to police, the two have set up a mask production workshop in a motel room in Busan, and have been accused of producing 10,000 fake medical masks.

They were sold to unspecified people for 3,500 won per piece through e-commerce.

Travel Restrictions Up to 80 Countries

More than 80 countries are imposing entry restrictions and tougher quarantine procedures for travelers from South Korea over new coronavirus concerns, despite Seoul’s continued efforts to persuade countries to refrain from taking excessive measures.

As of late Sunday, 37 countries are barring the entry of South Koreans and foreigners who have visited the South in the past few weeks, up from the previous day’s tally of 34, according to foreign ministry website.

Turkey and Laos were the latest to join the list and Angola will begin to impose the ban Tuesday.

Forty-three countries and more than a dozen regions in China, including Beijing, have tougher quarantine procedures that require 14-day mandatory isolation and close monitoring.

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