USFK Korean Employees Union to conduct civil demonstration

by USAG Humphreys
U.S. Army

Who: Approximately 300 members of USFK Korean Employees Union

What: Civil demonstration

Where: Off post, adjacent to Anjeongri Gate, USAG Humphreys 

1600-1800 hours, 28 August 2019
1700-1800 hours, 29 August 2019
1700-1800 hours, 03 September 2019
1600-1800 hours, 04 September 2019

Why: The above civil group will hold a demonstration in order to protest the reduction plan and changes to employee positions in Dining Facilities (DFAC) which will affect members at USAG Humphreys.

Further Information
1. The above information is from the Intelligence Section, Pyeongtaek Police Station.

2. On 29 August 2019 and 03 September 2019, the expected number of protesters will be approximately 100. On 28 August 2019 and 03 September 2019, the expected number of protesters will be about 300.

3. Security measures by Korean National Police (KNP): Approximately total of 80 police officers including detectives from Intelligence Section and two (2) Installation Guard Platoons will remain on standby at the above location.

4. This event is expected to be peaceful.

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