USO Casey refreshes DMZ lounges for the troops

USO Casey refreshes DMZ lounges for the troops

by Jieun Song
USO Casey

USO Casey is proud to tell you that we have recently refreshed two of our troops’ most treasured places to relax and have fun while in the field for training along the DMZ! We have enhanced both USO lounges at Warrior Base and Rodriguez Live Fire Complex so that our troops can do more while in the facilities. Service members from multiple installations rely on these facilities to deal with the tedium during free time while at the range. USO Casey felt it was necessary to give all our patrons even more to look forward to. Let’s talk about some specifics for each of the facilities.

Warrior Base is an expeditionary camp in that it is remote and isolated and warrants a high degree of force protection due to the current threat level. The service members training at this base lack even the most basic morale and welfare facilities. The only benefits they receive are from purchasing food from AAFES Shoppette. USO Casey has added furniture, TVs, internet, and gaming to provide a means of connecting our service members with their families and friends, and a facility to relax and feel the comforts of home to make their stay a much more pleasant experience. What about Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, one of the few places that U.S. Forces can conduct live-fire training in South Korea? During live fire and maneuver training along the DMZ, service members have very limited choices while off-duty. And the USO lounge is one of the few safe places to rest and relax during their downtime, and to take their minds off the work. Being able to watch US TV and to contact their families through free USO internet is essential for service members to enjoy during their training on Freedom’s Frontier. For the 2021 refresh of both lounges, USO Casey replaced the dilapidated tables and chairs with new high-quality furniture and popular amenities for the troops to enjoy, such as ping pong table, video games, basketball game machine, dart board, free WiFi, self-service station with a popcorn maker, mobile charging station, and a microwave oven.

The response from our troops has been overwhelmingly positive, and we enjoy providing our facilities for service members who are in training. Some comments that we receive are below:

"I was so happy to be able to shoot some hoops after being the range safety all day! Such a nice place USO lounge at Warrior Base is as a home away from home!" 

"I am glad to see that the USO lounge on RLFC got a refresh. All my soldiers worked so hard all day, and definitely appreciated the new place to be loud and unwind. Thanks for the much need support from USO!"

"I have been to Rod Range more times than I can count, and I think the new USO lounge here was a real treat to see my 100th time here!"

Providing various opportunities for connection to the troops is the mission of the USO and we are always happy to work to make sure that they have a place to unwind while we are around. The refresh of these two lounges represents the commitment of the USO to its service men and women no matter where they are.

Remember the USO is always by your side, and we help connect Service & Family Members to home, family, and country every day.

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