A Veterans Suicide Prevention Month Message

by Glenn Towery, Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel
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This Veterans Suicide Prevention Month, the VSPChannel is working to create one of the most important shows we have ever attempted to create, to date.  We have stumbled across an innovative way to treat PTSD, anxiety and depression in veterans and it was right in our faces all along. FOOD.

This discovery became clear to me about a year ago when a Veterans Peer Specialist from the VA and I were on he phone with a veteran trying to talk him out of putting a pistol to his head and ending his life. While talking with this veteran for nearly 3 hours, I noticed he indicated several times, that he was so distraught that he had not eaten anything all day long. After a while, I was able to talk him into fixing himself something to eat and noticed that after he ate, his attitude and mood began to improve significantly. This got me to thinking, could it be possible that the food had been a catalyst in helping him to stabilize emotionally and so dramatically after eating? So, I went online and did a search to find out if food could help with treating mental illness and the most common symptoms associated with PTSD, anxiety and depression. To my astonishment, there was a wealth of information and research by respected organizations and doctors regarding the amazing curative powers that can be found in food to fight mental illnesses such as PTSD. My mind was on fire at this discovery.

Although we had just completed a pilot for a new cooking show, "The Cooking With Chef Dad Show",
I decided that our next cooking show would be one that would create recipes intended to promote healing in veterans and their family members that suffer with depression, anxiety and symptoms associated with PTSD. The VSPChannel is currently initiating a campaign to raise funds to produce the first 5 episodes of this show, which has been named the "COOKING FOR VETERANS MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH Show". We need your support in the coming weeks to spread the word about this amazing show and to support our crowdfunding campaign for funds to help this show to become a broadcast reality.

The response for this show, thus far, has been amazing. We have cast two veterans who are both master chefs to become the on-camera personalities for this show. "Andre Rush" is the master Chef at the White House who prepares foods for the staff and the first family of the President of the United States,( Andre can dead lift 700 pounds). Charles F. Johnson worked alongside Master Chef, Andre Rush while at West Point and went on to become an Instructor for the Fort Bliss Culinary Arts Program who can dead lift any recipe book designed to promote good health. These two outstanding chefs will be preparing foods and showing veterans and their family members how to prepare easy recipes and select foods designed to promote mental and physical wellness.

So, please, spread the word about the power of Food in fighting major symptoms associated with PTSD and support our Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign to raise money to produce this innovative, life saving show that will start on or about September 25, 2016.

See the attachment to this email and share it with veterans. There are links to potentially life saving information for veterans this Veterans Suicide Prevention Month about how food can begin to assist in healing their PTSD.

Lets help save veterans from the debilitating causes of suicide that can be helped with proper nutrition.

The VSPChannel: "Broadcasting To Save Veterans Lives."


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