VIDEO| USAJOBS promo - Korea garrisons

VIDEO| USAJOBS promo - Korea garrisons

by R. Slade Walters

U.S. Army garrisons are the Army’s epicenter, not only where Soldiers live, but where they train, conduct the day-to-day business of the Army, mobilize, and deploy from.

Garrisons provide nearly all the municipal services of a typical American city – and civilian installation management professionals all over the world keep those cities running every day.

We keep the lights on, keep traffic flowing, and keep Soldiers and families fed, housed, entertained, and safe.

Wherever Soldiers are, civilian team members are there with them – Korea is no exception.

Korea is one of the most connected countries on the planet – with the fastest broadband internet in the world and daily flights from all over the globe through modern international airports.

Civilian team members in Korea enjoy modern western-style housing, familiar restaurant chains, world-class department stores and a host of activities like amusement parks, festivals,
museums, ancient palaces, and temples.

Garrisons in Korea offer affordable shopping in commissaries for groceries and post exchanges for most other consumer goods, all without sales taxes for Army civilians.

The U.S. postal service provides mail service to civilian team members in Korea at costs comparable to mailing within the continental U.S.

Army civilians on accompanied tours have free access to high-quality department of defense dependents schools for their school-age children. DoDDS students routinely outperform stateside public-school students in reading and mathematics.

Garrison education centers offer affordable undergraduate and post-graduate classes and degree programs from accredited colleges and universities.

Up-to-date community fitness centers are open and free to use for civilian team members with all of the amenities of the some of the nicest commercial fitness centers in the United States.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, biking, and walking trails both on and off the installations, and golfers won’t be disappointed with access to high-quality golf courses.

Mr. Deatrick
Hello, i’m craig deatrick, the director of U.S. Army Installation Management Command – pacific here with IMCOM-Pacific Command Sergeant Major Jason Copeland.

Our team helps to oversee the operation of Army garrisons from Alaska to the Marshall Islands and from Hawaii to East Asia.

CSM Copeland
We need skilled civilian professionals to help support the Army’s missions in Korea. Civilians are a vital part of the total Army team.

Mr. Deatrick
I have personally served as an Army civilian in Korea, and it was one of the most fun, rewarding, and challenging parts of my career. Serving in Korea is an adventure that is definitely worth the challenge.

CSM Copeland
If you haven’t already, go ahead and apply for this civilian job in Korea. Good luck!

Mr. Deatrick
We hope to see you in Korea soon.

Join the team that sustains, supports, and defends the Army’s home in Korea. U.S. Army Installation Management Command. We are the Army’s home.

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