Winter S’Knows Best

Winter S’Knows Best

by 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Stripes Korea
OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- It’s not yet Thanksgiving, but outdoor temperatures have already reached near freezing levels in early morning hours.
Team Osan should prepare early to ensure a smooth transition to winter months. Airmen and their families are ready for high winds and snowfall throughout the cold season.
The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center advises people to recognize dangers to avoid injuries. Some of the most common cold-weather injuries are chilblains, frostbite, frostnip (otherwise known as a first-degree frostbite), dehydration and hypothermia.
However, there are ways to combat cold-weather risks.
According to the Air Force Safety Center, simply wearing sunscreen, adequate safety gear, sunglasses and drinking water can reduce or prevent injuries, more so if snow is present.
Many members of Team Osan drive vehicles, whether privately owned or to accomplish their daily mission. Base road conditions are the primary tool to safeguard Airmen and their families on Osan’s hilly roads.
  • Normal conditions, no restrictions
  • Bus service will continue to operate
  • Privately-owned vehicles and taxis are operated for necessary trips only
  • Bicycle travel is prohibited
  • Maximum speed is 15 mph
  • Government vehicles, Snow removal and emergency vehicles only
  • POVs, taxis and buses are prohibited from movement
  • All bicycle operations are prohibited
  • Roads are impassable
  • All GOVs are prohibited from movement
  • Commercial vehicles may exit the base but not enter
  • POVs will be allowed to enter the base but will not be able to exit
  • POVs must be parked in the nearest available space

Armed with knowledge and preparation, Airmen and their families are best able to protect themselves from the elements while stationed in the Republic of Korea.

For current road conditions, call 784-ROAD (7623), check the Osan Air Base mobile app, base Facebook page, or the Commander's Access Channel. Information is updated by the Osan command post. To pick up a bag of salt for your work center, call the 51st Civil Engineer help desk at 784-5305, or visit the General Services Administration (GSA) mart.
For delayed-reporting, please contact your first-line supervisor.

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