Yongsan holds a women's equality workshop

by USAG Yongsan
U.S. Army

“Work Happy. Live Happy. Be Happy!”

A women's equality workshop was held Aug. 30, 2018 at Yongsan South Post Chapel. Kyla Mitsunaga, chief happiness inspirer, was the guest speaker she has been a guest of media talk shows and is a highly accredited teacher. The Garrison Commander Col. Monica P. Washington invited Kyla to speak about how anyone can discover the key to unlocking Equality and Happiness.

“I did a bunch of research which led me to the basic premise that when people give back to others, they become HAPPIER” said Mitsunaga. “This is where the HAPPINESS workshops were born.”

Kyla had her guests doing a variety of activities to demonstrate how equality and happiness can make people feel. She had the soldiers and civilians draw pictures and write about how they felt during times when they were happy in their life or felt they were treated unfairly. The activities were designed to help each other learn to collaborate


She pointed out most people diminish themselves and others by comparing each other as if they were on a seesaw. Meaning, putting others down while raising yourself up means you’re not treating others equally. On the other hand, when someone puts themselves down they are not reaching happiness.

Mitsunaga teaches people that being respectful to each other can lead to feeling more successful. “You may not remember what I said, but you will remember how you felt” said Mitsunaga.

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