Mr. Michael Leaverton (on the right) & his friend Ralph in the Sagamihara housing area in 1963.
Mr. Michael Leaverton (on the right) & his friend Ralph in the Sagamihara housing area in 1963.

A 63 year-old man recalls his Military Child memories

by Michael Leaverton
Stripes Korea

As a 63 year old man, I have a lot of life to look back upon. Born in Landstuhl, lived in Toul, Ft. Stewart, Zama (Sagamihara elementary - still have the yearbook!), Ft. Myer D.C., Berlin (West), Kitzingen, Fulda and Ft. Hood. As a child, I hated moving every 2 years - leaving friends that I knew I'd never see again. On the other hand, I saw and experienced things that most people never will, and they are ingrained in my memory. I am so grateful for them as well as the ability to meet new people effortlessly, which has been a blessing in my adult life. So to you current military kids out there, sometimes hardships come with benefits that you may not immediately see. Embrace your experiences and remember that at the same time, your parent(s) provide a service to our country that we cannot thank them (and you!) for enough.

Mr. Michael Leaverton, a picture taken in 2020.

When I was 6 or 7, we kids used to walk to the theater from home. most Saturday afternoons. Mothra was so huge, building his cocoon on the Tokyo tower, which we had all knew from going to Tokyo with our parents. When the movie was over and we went outside, it was dark and raining with thunder. Everyone thought it might be because of Mothra and we ran all the way home - scared little kids!



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