Celebrating April's Month of the Military Child: Teens can make a dfference

by Madison Taylor
Osan High School 10th Grader
Teens today are the leaders of tomorrow! As a teen, creating a better tomorrow for not only myself, but for future generations is important. While we may not be able to vote, buy lottery tickets, or adopt pets we CAN and DO lead the charge and ignite the flames in hearts and minds. These two things promote change in our society.
Being a teen today seems much like an expertly executed juggling act. We find time to actively volunteer in our communities, get involved in extra-curricular activities, focus on academics, all while making lasting memories and healthy relationships with family and friends. It is because of this juggling act that we are uniquely  equipped to make a difference. We  have learned early on that we are fully capable of handling the struggles of everyday life and flourishing in spite of them.
Even on a small scale, getting involved in our community allows us to find our voice. Speaking your truth and making a stand for what is just and right has a positive impact on those  around you. When we speak knowledgeably and intelligently on the issues that impact us, we make a difference. It is important for teens worldwide to know that they do not have to be  a politician, celebrity or professional athlete to make a difference.
Technology and social media play a large part in today’s society. Nearly 80% of Americans have social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook,or a personal blog. These platforms, 
along with others, provide a stage for us to speak our minds and have our voices heard. Together, with passion and commitment, we can create a movement of change. We can make a difference through activism, through volunteerism, and through communication. We can use social media and other technology to find areas we are interested in getting involved with. We will inspire them, and supply them with a voice for the world to hear.
In our military communities, we are surrounded by men and women that personify bravery and integrity. As military youth we need to remember that we are strong as individuals, but are stronger together. Our words and our actions can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Find a cause that you are passionate about and get involved. No matter how small, you have to start somewhere, so start today! Voice your opinions, make a difference, start a movement, we have to change the world while we can before it passes us by. We are the voice of tomorrow!
Editor’s Note: Madison was nominated to compete against other teens across Asia for the Boys and Girls Club of America’s Youth of the Year.

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