Healing day trip destinations in Sacheon

Image: Sacheon Coastal Road/Sacheon City
Image: Sacheon Coastal Road/Sacheon City

Healing day trip destinations in Sacheon

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As travelers are still wary about visiting sites with many people, a new trend in “no contact healing” tourism has started to pop up around the peninsula.

Sacheon, in South Gyeongsang province, has some great destinations for those looking to avoid crowds and seek pleasure for a great day trip while maintaining social distance.

Here are four recommended sites to see on your next visit.

Images: Sacheon City

Bito Island — Cool sea breezes and spectacular views await with endless tidal flats providing the backdrop to the island. The local Bito National Leisure Campsite has also recently reopened.

Sacheon Coastal Road — The coastal roads into Sacheon offer splendid views of Hallyeohaesang National Park, with small islands dotting the indigo blue sea as a backdrop. In the evening, enjoy Sancheonpo Bridge’s beautiful view, which was voted one of the top 100 night views in Korea.

Haeyang Pension — Spend a night in one of the region’s unique marine pensions, as the sounds of fish, nature, and water surround you relieving your daily stress.

Samcheonpo Coastal Trail — Enjoy a coastal drive where five bridges connect Sacheon with Namhae and enjoy the beautiful coastline of forests and rock formations around Namildae Beach.


Busan to Sacheon is about a 108-kilometer journey by car and is a roughly two-hour bus ride from the Busan Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal in Sasang.

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