Intern conducts training for interns

Intern conducts training for interns

by Yi, Eung Hyun, USAG Daegu Public Affairs

DAEGU South Korea — Korean University Interns who work throughout Area IV offices meet regularly during their 6-month terms, for training and helping to adapt to working on a U.S. Army base.

At a recent meeting in the Chapel Annex on Camp Walker, one of those interns took the stage to make a presentation of her own.

The 60 or so interns who work here in offices from Public Affairs, to DPW, to DoDEA Schools and in many tenant units, are rapidly immersed in an American work environment, dealing with Soldiers, Family members, DA Civilian and Korean staff.

It is a challenge for anyone to jump into the workforce, imagine how much more challenged the interns are when English is not their primary language. These meetings are one way to help them acclimate to this new environment.

Following e arlier s ubjects, t he final topic covered financial budgeting for students. Song, Yoo Kyeong, one of those students, showed what she has learned by presenting the information.

She was certainly aided by her position in the Financial Readiness Program in the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu Army Community Services building on Camp Henry. The FRP provides services focusing on financial fitness for Soldiers and Family members. However, Song was able to explain budgeting information which focused on students.

She actually was not supposed to hold the presentation, however her supervisor gave her the opportunity to do it.” I was kind of surprised when I was assigned to do that, even if I have been trained about finance by my supervisor,” Song said. “She considered it would be a big challenge and opportunity by holding a presentation during the internship program for me. So, I decided to try. But still I had some difficulty with the contents and language. My major is not finance, it is English Literature. I collected information that I learned in financial class during internship program, books and the Internet.

Above all, presenting in English was a big challenge to me. But, I did it. It was first time for me to hold that kind of long presentation. I was so nervous when I started. Then, I felt my peers cheering me on. And I could do it. When I was done, I was feeling I overcame my limitations and challenges.

Now I am really proud of myself.” The presentation hit home more than the others because it was actually presented by one of interns, for interns. She tried to teach peer interns with knowledge she got during internship program. “You don’t have to save big money in an account at one time,” Song said.

If you save the money little by little, someday you will find out big bank account. Just do it right now from what you have.” The other presentations conducted for the intern meeting were along more traditional lines. Firstly, it was about Korean American Friendship Circle presented by Community Relations officer James Choi from the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command’s G-9 office. The KAFC connects local university students with American families. The purpose of the program is to make friends and share cultures between people from different countries.

Also covered was the job offering process for Korean nationals. Chong Hun Ha, Human Resources Specialist, working in Civilian Program Advisory Center – Area IV explained details and showed the example of a former intern who applied and was selected for a job on post.

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