Lingopie makes learning Korean as easy as watching your favorite K-Drama

Image: Lingopie
Image: Lingopie

Lingopie makes learning Korean as easy as watching your favorite K-Drama

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The recent advent of South Korean culture in the form of K-pop, movies, and TV shows is now officially a global phenomenon, sweeping across oceans and borders like an invisible wave.

These hot pop-cultural commodities have not only raised the country’s international prestige but have also sparked a wildfire of interest in learning the Korean language, which was long ignored in favor of those spoken by Korea’s larger neighbors such as China and Japan.

At first glance, learning Korean seems like a monumental challenge. It can be relatively difficult and complex, and it’s not always possible to find an in-person class that fits your needs or schedule. Also, while hitting the books can teach you the fundamentals, it doesn’t provide the vital experience of watching and listening to the language being spoken in real-life situations. At worst, in-class learning can turn into drudgery, which is absolutely deadly when it comes to language acquisition.

Numerous studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to become fluent in a foreign language is through movies and television. Watching and listening to native speakers converse on screen can be the next best thing to living in the country and immersing yourself in the culture. Plus, it’s entertaining. TV shows and cinema engage us through storytelling and character development, often transporting us to other worlds. These are powerful media that can also be used as educational tools. Imagine losing yourself in the story of one of your favorite dramas, while also learning the Korean language in its most practical form.

Luckily, the folks at Lingopie have come up with a tool that does just that. Lingopie is the world’s only language learning application that uses real TV shows and movies to help you learn a new language. With thousands of hours of content, the app strives to make learning not just easy, but engaging and fun.

Lingopie provides subtitles for all of its movies and TV shows in the language spoken on screen. So for Korea, you get Korean subtitles, but not only can you read along with the dialogue, you can also click on every word or phrase and get an instant, real-time translation in English (or another default language) that will immediately bolster your knowledge. This goes for every word, including slang.

On top of this, the app allows you to review all of your new vocabulary and grammar points through flashcards and word lists. After you’ve finished the film or show you can go back over everything you’ve learned, which guarantees you will retain as much of it as possible.

Through Lingopie’s recently-launched Korean content, you’re sure to up your listening and comprehension game. The app is designed to meet the needs of all levels—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—-and with South Korea’s track record of putting out terrific TV shows and movies, you know the content is going to be top-notch. After all, the whole idea is to make learning fun, and with this ingenious app, the more you watch, the more you’ll soak up.


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