Month of the Military Child: What is it like to be a military-connected child?

by Aneshka Malave
Yokota Middle School

Let’s celebrate Month of the Military Child by sharing your story. Your stories don’t have to be long, but don’t feel like it has to be short, either. Just tell us what’s on your mind. 

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“It is an honor to be a military child because I know that my parents who are in the U.S ARMY are helping this country to help make this a better place.” Aneshka Malave says with pride. I also try to help this place by being respectful, asking how can I help,having a smile everyday and saying good morning because that can make someone's day. There was this one time in Germany, K-town there was this teacher and she was tall with black hair and big glasses; she was always mad like a gorilla but,when I smile and said good morning she would smile and her smile was as bright as the sun. I’m also very grateful because I have a roof top under my head and great food,which many kids don’t have so, I hope that those kids get the privilege to have and do the things i’m able to do. That's one reason why i’m so grateful to be a military child. I love going to places too like France, Germany and much more. I want to say thanks to all those soldiers who sacrifice their lives everyday and in other ways. So I'm proud to say and call myself a military child.

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