Student Voices: I am from …

Student Voices: I am from …

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Editor’s Note: When you ask a military child where they are from, it can be quite a long answer. Well, these deep-thinking students from Humphreys Middle School definitely know where they are from, even if it is a bit complicated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys!

I am from where everything is bigger,
the Lone Star State and the Alamo.
I am from the best bbq, 
From the sizzling hot of summer.
I am from The America’s Team
The Big D and the Doomsday Defense.
I am from the floating palace,
From the waves and salt water.
I am the one and only,
The single offspring.
I am from the social media,
From vlogger and gaming.
I am from ballers,
From hoops and the Mamba mentality.
I am striking and grappling.
I am from the island,
From the Pearl of the Orient Seas and the jeepneys.
I am from the grain, 
From menudo and adobo.
I am from the flesh,
From the roast and brisket.
I am from a bun,
From hot and fresh.
Malachi Jones, 6th Grade

I am from behind the computer, from Clorox and Downy.
I am from the calming sandy beach.
I am from the roses in the backyard, the beautiful grass my mom worked so hard for.
I am from relaxing on Saturdays and deep cleaning the house on Sundays, from my brother picking me up to me and my little brother plotting revenge on him, while my mom cooks dinner.
I am from my dad’s tendency of talking to my mom’s tendency of not talking.
From the lies of Krampus to the sleep monster.
I am from not going to church.
I’m from the same hospital as my big brother and my big sister. From eggplant for dinner and churro for desert.
From the broken teeth of my brother when he tried to jump for the fourth bar, the broken nose of my father from a baseball, and the stitches of my chin when I fell off my bike going down a mountain.
I am from tropical Hawaii to hot Texas to cold Virginia to gloomy Georgia back to scorching Texas, and now Korea.
Kanunu Mendoza, 6th Grade

I am from TV, from cold and books.
I am from snow forts and maple syrup and smoothies
I am from the Venus fly trap, locus, grass, the soil.
I am from Christmas, I am from video games, from coco and raven, and joey.
I am from the movies, and being lazy.
From “don’t eat that!!!” and “don’t go in the water.”
I am from scouts and waking up early.
I’m from Fredericton and a little bit German/Swiss (mostly Irish/British and Canadian… we move a lot), strawberry cheesecake, and ice cream.
From the day I got my scar on my forehead, the time I got stitches, and the time I got hit in the mouth by a surfboard.
I am from vacation to the tropical spots.
I am from toucans and rainforests
Tadhg Riff, 6th Grade

I am from books that are read every day,
from Bath & Body Works & Ziplocks.
I am from piano & violins that needs to be played.
I am from the Purple Cosmos in the garden.

I am from the Happy Campers & fun traveling family.
From the Yu Family, the family who
Takes a lot of pictures as memories.
I am from the family who believes in God,
& always have to write bible verses everyday.

From the bright star & the sparkling crystal.
I am from studying dogs& the family members who
Wants pets, but can’t. Once had, but didn’t turn out
Good, so it was left as a sad memory (& to the puppies too)

I’m from the mom who cooks everything with care,
From Korean food everyday & homemade ice coco.
From the brother who loves reading & drawing,

The mom who is positive & is always good at cooking,
& the dad who works as a manager & is a violinist.

I’m from one day when I look at the memories I spent,
& the house where there are pictures everywhere.
Habyul Yu, 6th Grade 

I am from every house looks the same, stinky smells in the morning, feels like home.
I am from a blue fuzzy blanket, stacked fluffy pillows and a snoring puppy on my bed.
I am from a military mom and dad, brown hair like Chad and stubborn like mom.
I am from playing magic with Traejan and morning walks with Sophie.
I am from taco Tuesday and pizza Wednesday, movie night Saturdays and Dallas Cowboys on Sunday
I am from “brush your teeth” and “make your bed.”
I am from “candy is bad, put your dishes away and always kiss me goodnight.”
I am from do your best, giving presents at Christmas and family is everything.
I am from can I say again, Taco Tuesday and Pizza Wednesday and I am from ice cream whenever I can.
I am from vacations with cousins, sleepovers, and balloons on birthdays.
I am from hot, humid, rainy and wet.
I am from cuckoo clocks, snow days, tornado shelters, Hershey Park, paddle boarding, and watching a stingray wave.
I am from Fortnite, Pokémon Go, parks, friends and sleepovers
Caelan Goyette, 6th Grade

I am from the fruit that comes from trees and bushes.
I am from the loud cars that drove by in the night.
I am from the beaming sun that baked me like cake.
I’m from the weeds growing around my house.
I’m from the grass the ants crawl on.

I am from the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, and being like my ancestors.
I am from my mom and her mom having one girl and a couple boys.
I am from the brains of my family and the most athletic.
From the bedtime stories and the tooth fairy who took my teeth and gave me money.

I’m from the churches that my family took me to,
From the bibles I have read that taught me lessons.
I am from the dirt of Valdosta, Georgia, and
The macaroni and chicken my parents cook.

I’m from the bruises and scars my brothers have.
I am from the cold and wet snow of Germany, to the heat of Oklahoma and Georgia.
But mostly I am from the moments of getting ready to fall off the family tree.
Samiyah Murphy, 6th Grade

I am from the cozy and comfortable apartment that I live in
I am from a football flying through the air, a soccer ball soaring into the goal, and the basketball swishing into the net.
I am from having sports balls, trophies, and a Star Wars V.R. headset in my room
From Jason, Laura, Blake, and Adam, my family.
I am from visiting family in the summer and going to water parks and amusement parks and having the whole family on Friday to watch a movie.
I am from enchiladas, chicken alfredo, barbacoa, and beans
I am from Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and Schlitterbahn
I am from the weather being hot and cold
I am from being a military brat
I am from “Hathaway’s Never Give Up”, “God is always with us”, and but most importantly
“Everything’s gonna be alright”
Joshua Hathaway, 6th Grade

I am from gardens and shovels,
From worms and watermelons.
I am from the patio and play house built by dad.
I am from catching bugs under the shed and playing with the frogs that came to visit our blow up pool
I am from chasing down the ice cream truck and yelling till it stopped.
I am from battling live crayfish with tongs.
I am from joint birthday party with my best friend
From house parties hosted at our house with every family on the street.
I am from the sandy beaches in California to the hot Texas temperatures.

I am from Cambodian New Years spent with my family at the temple
From monks and protection bracelets.
I am from hours in the kitchen cooking with my family.
I am from long bike rides,
From seasonal vacations accompanied by other families.

I am from ziplining and snowboarding.
I am from constant music playing and singing.
I am from horror movies and buttery popcorn
From haunted house with me squeezing my friends arm tightly and yelling mindlessly.

I am from Facetime calls that last till the sun comes up.
I am from crazy games of truth or dare.
I am from Dora the Explorer, Barney, and High School Musical.

I am from karaoking with my mom while people dance to the music.
I am from building in the garage with my dad.
From Nerf battles with my brothers and friends.
I am from teaching my little sister how to walk and talk.
And I am from a spontaneous, loving family who creates memories never to forget.
Marilena Poblete, 6th Grade

I am from warm, fuzzy peaches hanging from a branch. From clanking Coca Cola cans on an assembly line, and crisp grass of a golf course.
I am from the dead, orange pine needles surrounding my house.
I am from the Rosa laevigata, the small grey bats.
I am from lighthearted Octoberfest and speckled freckles, from Jonathan and Saranczak and Kuhn.
I am from the escape of art and nature.
From “Be nice” and “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”
I’m from pretzel making, pierogies, and spaghetti.
From the great, great grandfather, John Giglio who moved from Italy and started a butcher shop in bustling New York with his brother, where he also met and then married an Iirish woman named Jessie Barnet, and I am from the battlegrounds the Spanish-American war with my great, great, great grandfather and his rifle.
I am from wanderlust, across the world facetimes, and from sweet handwritten letters. I am from ‘bloom where you are planted’ and learning beautiful cultures.
Eva Kuhn, 8th Grade

I am from picnic mats, and from SPAM, and pineapples.
I am from hot and sweaty nights and popcorn asbestos roofs.
I am from the sand-coated palm trees and the powdery white sands of the beaches.
I am from Chinese firecrackers on a streetlight and midnight Christmas presents, from Grandpa John I never got to see, and Grandma Prayoon from the rural world Thailand and Grandma Barbara from Hawaii.
I am from the kids gaming together and holiday family Kahoot.
From study hard and stranger danger, those sayings kept me safe and smart.
I am from trips to the Thai Buddhist temple with ringing bells and skewered BBQ pork.
I’m from valley apartments and sunny homes, from kalua pork dripping with juice and steamed white rice that smelled like the heavens.
From when my cousin climbed a school fence to get the group’s lost NERF darts, the golf ball that went down the storm drain, and the stairs I was never allowed to climb at my cousin’s house.
I am from file boxes, showcasing seas of photos of a distant era that time forgot, in a corner of a walk-in closet, long-forgotten in an ocean of old clothing and childhood memories that will never be forgotten.
Joshua Samson, 6th Grade

I am from bluebell fields, the space center,
BBQ, the Alamo, Friday night lights,
an awesome river walk to fill our afternoon,
and a year when it was just me and mom

I am from playing on the swings and mud,
fish-sticks for lunch, eating malts with friends,
mulch-covered playgrounds, riding tricycles,
and feeding the ducks in nearby ponds

I am from a towering Arch and toasted ravioli,
baseball games, baseball gloves, and pop-flies
and roaring fans in the crowd, Cracker Jacks,
and peanut shells littering the ground

I am from long-range friendships,
FaceTimes that last for hours,
Roblox, Gmail, and group chats with friends,
and pictures of what we are doing

I am from cotton fields and sweaty summers,
college football, peanut festivals,
long beach vacations, swimming for hours,
and afternoons with art and ice cream for dessert

I am from sledding in the winter,
camping in the summer, building forts with Libby,
making fires to roast s’mores, the smell of cut grass,
and watching fireflies twinkling in the night sky

I am from bright summers and cold winters,
snowy days, giant snowmen, the North Pole,
and Santa all year, great and beautiful mountains,
and rivers snaking down the countryside

I am from different schools and new friends,
moving boxes, great road trips, blue skies,
hotels, very cramped cars drive-throughs,
Naps and lots of rest-stops
I am from Christmas trees in November,
cookies, and gingerbread, presents with family,
visiting Santa and his reindeer, family photos,
and bad Christmas movies for hours

I am from time with friends and family,
birthday cards from everyone,
cooking, moving from place to place,
baseball, BBQ, cotton fields,
and the North Pole
Charlie Iuchs, 6th Grade

I am from houses of the same colors: red and white,
more cloned houses nearby.
From giant boots weighing more than a ton,
But not grazing the sky.
I am from a “lone star flag” that raised high and proud,
Its vivid colors cannot be missed.
It’s a state larger than many others,
And from a time when it was its own.

I am from the bluebonnets of amazingly blue,
Standing like Christmas trees.
Beneath skies of clear and blue,
Like lakes, ponds, and seas.

I am from a place of dry air and lots of heat,
preventing years of snow.
Downtown a river gently flows.
I am from armadillos,
When found they quickly scurry
Highways packed with traffic,
Buzzing except for
parades on Cinco De Mayo
Neon colors- blue, pink, orange, and yellow-
Share that people here are happy and friendly,
Sometimes even mellow.

I’m from tasty and delicious steaks.
I am from trees that drop leaves in the fall,
The leaves are weak and feeble.
The uncommon morning dew makes the grass soggy,
It makes the aroma of grass strong.
I am from a place with a history that’s interesting,
Not only interesting, but long.
I am from home--amazing place.
Eshan Khan, 6th Grade

I am from where the tide rolls,
I am from southern white beaches
And the sweet home where the skies are so blue.

I am from horse races and fried chicken
And from the bluegrass and stables.
I am from where a certain 16th of a president comes.

I am from north-western evergreens,
That stand forever green in the sea of white
I am from snow and cabins,
And found memories here.

I am from the Blue ridge to the Chesapeake
From Jamestown and Williamsburg,
I am from Monticello and fun beach days,
I wish more time was spent here,
Ever amazing it was.

I am from crowded cities to humble abodes,
From mountains galore and white skies,
I am from where it doesn’t smell great, but it is home…

For now, that is,
But it’ll never stay.
For I’ll travel and travel,
And find new homes every turn.
Darius Fenwick, 6th Grade

I was born in the Land of the Midnight Sun. The Last Frontier.

I learned to walk in the Birthplace of a Nation and learned to run where the grass is said to be blue. On to the next house, new friends, and new neighbors. Home is where the Army takes us.

Jagerschnitzel, pretzels, snowboarding, and harsh words I don’t understand. Riding gondolas through a floating city, standing with the ghost of gladiators, and a city destroyed by fire. Gelato, bicycles, and Nerf gun wars.

In the Pelican State, I rode four-wheelers and fished the bayou.  Found the baby in the cake of kings.

Walked the river and learned about the heroes making their last stand. Playing football, BBQ’s and brisket. On to the Sunflower State and a city divided.

I am from Steve and Myra, close knit, family is everything. Papaw always visits. I am from yes ma’am and no sirs. Respect the flag, stop what you’re doing for revelry and retreat. I am from seeing the world, trying new foods, and meeting new people.

The Land of the Morning Calm is my new hometown. Eight moves in eleven years. Always with my family, doing things together. No Hometown, but I always feel at home.
Liam Rairdon, 6th Grade

I am from bug spray, sunscreen, and sunlight, and bikes, scooters, and roller blades.

I am from quesadillas, flan, and steak. Noise everywhere you go, rodeos in every town.

I am from friends, field trips, and fun. We would run around and collect bits and bobs of many different things. Like corks, bottlecaps, and lost trinkets.

I am from camping, fishing, and libraries. We would get lost in the large building, books of many kinds.

I am from girl scouts, cookies, and markets. We raised enough money for a camping trip.

I am from sleepovers, birthdays, and parties and candy, confetti poppers, and firecrackers.

I am from lanterns, walking in the moonlight, and singing songs. 40 people walked along the road with warm lights and lanterns in their hands, singing in Vietnamese.

I am from parks, trees, and rolling down hills. The grass always got in my mouth.

I am from church activities, drawing, and crafts. We would walk to the other side of the church, into a room with many lights.

I am from fading pictures, memories, and gatherings. About 30 people stuffed in a house.

I am just an egg, waiting to be hatched, so I can burst out of my shell, and see more of the world.
Isabella Borres, 6th Grade

I am from cowboy culture,
From capital complex
I am from the country music outside my window,
From working oil wells,
I am from where the snow comes up to your calves,
From where sledding down hills, feeling the wind and snow on your face
I am from barbecue all kinds

I am from the beautiful summer,
From Oak trees aligned all dressed in green,
I am from a gentle neighborhood
From where White Tail Deer Flick prance by, where white bass jump and slash silver,

I am from sleepovers after sleepover
From never getting rest to tired in the morning
I am from long days of school
From playing with friends at the park or in the yard
I am from loud chirps from outside,
Humble me as I rise tired and grumpy

I give you a land of sun and flowers,
And a summer a whole year long,
I give you a land where the golden hours,
Roll by to the mockingbird’s song,
Where the cotton blooms ‘neath the southern sun,
And a land whose story has just begun
This wonderful land of mine.
Ngozichukwu Mika Okpokwasili, 6th Grade

I am from rice fields, from Coca Cola, and bamboo.
I am from bright sunny skies, that smell like the salty ocean. And clear white in-between-your-toes beaches.
From pink lotuses, and hairy succulents. 
From many different plant trades always ending with a raffle.
I am from the Chinese New Year festival, flinging pop-its TNT on the ground.
I am from smokey black hair that seems to take a millenia to grow.

From Liem, and Minh’s busy property.
From bad handwriting, and cargo pants.
I am from always putting in your utmost effort and appreciating what you have.
From bible school Wednesdays, and church on Saturdays.
I am from newspaper articles and living museums.
I am from the dry California sun, and humid Vietnam rains.
Where hard work is rewarded. And creative-juices flow.
I am from airy banh mi, with the crispiest of edges. And the juiciest of meat.
From the elegant aroma of pho. Specially blended with herbs and citrus.
I am from the dog who failed to cook for his barn friends. Always seeming to help me sleep soundly. With the help of the bird that couldn’t find his treasure. Always making my mom sound like a traveler recounting her countless stories.
I am from giving crimson packets overflowing with worth, to different relatives.

I am from countless folders with hundreds of pictures, highlighting the memories piled up over the years. From the day I first entered this world, to now.
Almost like an autobiography, showing short moments of my life. Almost flashing before my eyes, with the snap of a camera.
Tran Pham, 6th Grade

I am from oranges, from Lego, and Football.
I am from the moving boxes and from the smell or a new house.
I am from the Swamp Trees in the Bayou and the Lush green grass of Kansas
I am from King Cake on Fat Tuesday and planting new flowers with my grandmother
From my dad and my mom and The Williams.
I am from the always seeking adventure and finding new things
From “Whatcha Doin ?” and “Buddha…”.
I am from reading a Christian Bible every Sunday in a building filled with a warm happy feeling.
I’m from Louisiana and the rest of the world, kimbap, and BBQ.
From drawing with crayons with my uncle when I was little and the times when I would mow the lawn on my grandfather’s tractor.
I am from bringing my brother home on the cold snowy morning in March
In Colorado and watching him grow and grow when he is even a little much to handle
He is still my brother.
Cayman Williams, 8th Grade

I am from cake bakers and mixers.
I am from loving furry dog best friends.
I am from peas and green beans.
I am from big birthday parties and sassy remarks, from plane rides and lots soccer games.
I am from cherishing the weekends and dreading the Mondays.
I am from long summers spent in the hot scorching sun.
I am from sibling rivalry everywhere you go.
I am from a place where rock paper scissors decides everything.
I am from all over the world, always in a different spot.
I am from friends left behind just to make more.
I am from chicken fried rice and cotton candy grapes.
I am from fun lovers and trying new things.
I am from school first soccer second.
I am from self-learners and quick thinkers.
I am from sarcasm and independence.
I am from small towns and 9:00 curfews.
I am from African-American heritage and segregation no more.
Johnathan Bell, 6th Grade

Where I’m From
I am from paperback books, the fun novels that takes me to another world,
From plastic Legos which I could display my creativity.
I am from the crowded cities, smelling of smoke,
The tall, towering buildings and the grassy park,
I am from the rose of sharons, South Korea’s national flower,
And the blue violets, New Jersey’s state flower.

I am from Sunday church, that I have always attended,
And Bible writing, done for tickets and points.
I am from Duncan and Hannah and Gracelyn’s hugs.
I am from piano recitals and lessons, a smile playing on my lips,
And art, realistic sketches drawn with the HB2 pencil.

I am from “Don’t read while eating,” and “Play with your little sister.”
I am from the wooden cross, on Golgotha hill, all written down in the Bible.
I am from Massachusetts, Boston, where I first saw light,
And Korea, the ethnicity of all my relatives.
I am from kimchi, a side-dish my family eats as homemade,
And pancakes, our family’s favorite breakfast food.

I am from the Korean War, the escape my grandparents made from the North Koreans,
And the development of explosives that my great grandfather worked on.
I am from my bookshelves, where old album’s worn out covers are resting,
Along with loose photos of when my parents were young.

Although objects will all be gone, my memories will last forever.
Joann Park, 6th Grade Hunphreys Middle School

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