Two additional English villages to be built in Busan

Two additional English villages to be built in Busan

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As part of Mayor Park Heong-joon’s vision to turn Busan into an English-speaking city to turn the city into a global hub, two more English villages will be built in Dongrae and Buk-gu.

Ha Yoon-su, the superintendent of education in Busan, announced a plan to strengthen English speaking skills and establish a learning support system.

They plan to develop Busan-style English programs, including customized English programs for different ages and levels.

The 2030 English Village will open in Dongnae in March 2026 and in Buk-gu in March, 2028.

Currently, there are two foreign language education centers in the city — Busan Global Village in Seomyeon and the Busan Global Foreign Education Center West in Yeongdo-gu.

The Busan Global Foreign Education Center East in Bansong-dong, Haeundae-gu, is expected to open up this year.

With the opening of more centers, they plan to provide play-type learning with AR digital learning and VR virtual experience by themes.

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