‘Yuk-Kal’ Noodle Soup Is A Match Made In Heaven

by Andy Hume
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

There are things in this life which go together so perfectly that you wonder what it was like to live in a time before their marriage: gin and tonic, peanut butter and jelly, American politics and drinking games. These two different Korean soups are an unlikely but worthy pairing. Combine the hot, earthy flavor of yukgejang (spicy beef soup) and the comfort-food chewiness of kalguksu (knife-cut noodle soup) and you get something more than the sum of its parts – warming, comforting, somehow just exactly right.

Munbaedong Yuk-Kal (문배동 육칼) takes this idea and runs with it, using an appropriate half-half name for the dish. The soup and noodles come to the table in separate bowls for diners to mix by themselves. The broth is more hearty than fiery, the noodles are soft- almost overcooked, and the whole effect is a particularly soupy bowl of pasta. On their own, the dishes would be unremarkable; together, yuk-kal works really well.

There’s seldom an empty seat to spare, but luckily there are branches in Yeouido, Gongdeok and near Coex.

Yuk-Kal (육칼, 8,000 won) at Munbaedong Yuk-Kal

Yongsan-gu, Baek-beom-ro 90-gil 50.

Tel. 02-713-6204.


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