15 ways to celebrate Pi Day

Pie with the Pi symbol on it
Pie with the Pi symbol on it

15 ways to celebrate Pi Day

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Korea

Why not spice up mid-March by celebrating the number 3.14159 . . . with pie. While I love a buttery, fruity classic pie just as much as the next person, I like to get a little creative with what constitutes a “pie” on Pi Day. One year I made these addicting key lime pies in mini Mason jars and the next year I won our office contest with these homemade oatmeal crème pies, bringing us all back to childhood memories of our favorite Little Debbie treats.

As we transition from winter into spring, you can go for warm and comforting or light and springy. Are you thinking brunch pie? Dinner or dessert? Or maybe all of the above? What fruits and veggies catch your eye for the first “pie” of the season? Maybe you’re limited by your pie-making equipment. Luckily, pies have been adapted for all types and sizes of pots, pans or hands. Here are 15 ideas to get you pie-planning:


Pot pie (go the classic route with chicken or turkey, or make it vegetarian)

Shepherd’s Pie

Curried Kale, Potato and Pumpkin Pie with Hot Water Crust Pastry


Vegetable galette

Sheet pan pie


Hand pies (also applicable to the savory category, like these Jamaican Beef Patties?)

Fruit tart (you may disagree with this one, but I say that if it has a crust you can make it on Pi Day)

Whoopie pies

Anything and everything chocolate (like this tempting S’more Pudding Pie)

Ice cream pie

Classic fruit pie (rhubarb and berry season isn’t too far away!)


Go beyond Apple Pie with these uniquely pie-focused beverages!

Lemon Meringue Pie Cocktail

Carya Fashioned: Pecan Pie


If baking isn't your thing, I recommend finding your favorite baking or cooking show and enjoy watching someone else worry about discovering a soggy bottom.

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