35 of the most romantic cafes to visit in Busan

by Haps Staff
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The City of Busan will provide support for 35 local cafés that have been selected as “romantic cafes”.

The city has said it will develop a local cafe tour course with distinctive local culture and location which take advantage of the beautiful and natural environment.

A total of 134 cafes recommended by local governments were screened and filtered down to 80 through public surveys.

The final 35 cafes have been picked after they were screened by food columnists, architectural culture promoters and other people in travel businesses.

Here’s a look at some of the best romantic cafe’s the city has to offer.


Three cafes were included, including Regular House, Notis, and Baunova Baeksan.

Regular House is located in the international market and is popular with visitors at the nearby sightseeing spots. Notis was also renovated from rice warehouses in the 1950s offering a distinct interior while the Baunova Baeksan store was highly evaluated for its potential tourism resources in connection with nearby Chungja Building, Baeksan Memorial Hall, Yongdusan Park, and the Movie Experience Museum.


TCC, which has beautiful views of Songdo Beach, and Bin Stock, which is known for its sweet treats were highly recommended for their offerings.


The popular milk cafe Choryang 1941 has become a popular stop for Instagram photographers and those looking for a unique experience in Busan.

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The area which hosts the popular Jeonpo Cafe streets, Vintage 38, Before Sunset and Yuwol were selected as the best around Seomyeon.


Green and Urban Flow were recognized for their baristas’ expertise were selected along with the ArtK Gallery Café, a cultural space located in the district.


Delight Six near KSU and PKNU is a home-renovated house recognized for its originality in their interior design.


Located in Hwamyeong-dong, Cafe Luwak brings a taste of Indonesia to the city with a beautiful interior and large outdoor patio.


Edge 993 offers a fantastic cafe experience with stunning views of Haeundae and Mipo. Port 1902, in Songjeong has also become one of the most popular cafes in the city with their cabanas and also their pool.


Souletter Coffee Company in Sinpyeong built in an old church has a lovely, simplistic interior with lots of greenery in its bright space.


Momos, home of 2019 World Barista Championship winner, Jeon Joo-yeon and Tea1 were chosen the best in the district.


Forrest 3002 in Noksan has lovely views and a yard while Mont D’or Cafe offers a beautiful view of the river.


Gorae in Yeonsan-dong has a unique interior and specializes in Whale coffee but is off-limits to customers with kids, pets and anyone looking to study.


Cafe Afternoon Tea is a beautiful five-story gallery and tea house in Millak-dong and The Box, which has an amazing interior and gorgeous views of Marine City.

Sasang District

Vsant offers a charming space with gallery-like interiors and riverbank views.


Three places were selected in Yeongdo District — Carin Yeoungdo Place, Sinki Cafe, and Gemstone all which offer beautiful views and have loyal followings.


Waveon, known for its stunning architectural design and views; Adecoy, known for its sweet desserts and its bold red interior and chandeliers; Hayden Cafe with its unique outdoor forest patio and Veach:da Cafe is also known for its beautiful interior and exterior all made the list.

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