51 FW CC call explains the why, how, priorities of Team Osan

by 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Osan Air Base

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Kore -- The Commander and Command Chief of the 51st Fighter Wing held several all-calls at the base theater to explain the role Team Osan plays in the defense of the Republic of Korea Feb. 19, 2015, at Osan Air Base.

Through six different sessions, attended by every group and agency of the 51st FW, Col. Brook Leonard and Chief Master Sgt. Terrence Greene reemphasized readiness as a priority and explained why the 51st FW is in the ROK.

"We're here to guard the freedom of 51 million people," said Leonard. "That's why our first foot is always going to be readiness. That's why we do more (Operational Readiness Exercises) than training days. That's why we spend all this time and money on putting up permanent infrastructure."

After the why, the command team explained how they're expected to guard freedom while stationed at Osan AB.  The three "how's" are comprised of: defending the base, executing combat operations, and sustaining the force.

"Defending the base is the most critical of our operations," said Leonard. "Without this we can't do anything else."

Greene said the capability to execute combat operations is what makes the 51 FW mustangs a fighter wing.

Sustaining the force is a progression of a previous mustang missions principle: receiving forces. Sustain still includes the reception of forces, but places the emphasis on long-term planning and permanency. The point is for Team Osan to not just be prepared to receive forces, but bed them down and work with them for as long as need be, said Leonard.

The three "how's" of guarding freedom was followed by the Commander's revamped priorities. Leonard said these aren't new priorities, but re-tooled for specificity.

The priorities of the 51st FW are to:

- Build fight tonight readiness
- Strengthen the base and team
- Grow leadership and professionalism
- Drive innovative solutions

"Building fight tonight readiness is about looking at the way we train and asking ourselves 'are we ready all the time?'" said Leonard.

While readiness is a prime priority for the 51st FW, it takes a team to successfully guard freedom, said Greene.

"Strengthening the base and team is all about teamwork," said Greene. "We fly as a base. We fight as a base. This is about looking at ourselves and asking how well we can integrate with our teammates, including the Army, ROKAF and local community."

Developing leadership and professionalism is about presenting a respectful military image, said Leonard.

"Everyone is a leader," said Leonard. "From the lowest ranking Airman on up, we all serve others. We need to continue to grow through hard work and holding ourselves and other people accountable as professionals."

Finally, driving innovative solutions is about making the most out of any situation you're in, said Greene.

Leonard said his priorities are not new, just a slight shift from the ones he introduced last year after assuming command. He wants every Airman on Team Osan to understand why they're here and how they fit into the larger picture.

"We expect you all to know this stuff," said Leonard. "This is simply meant to provide you all with a big picture and to help you focus."

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