Aroi’s Bbing Bbing at Millak Waterfront Park offers a great atmosphere

Aroi’s Bbing Bbing at Millak Waterfront Park offers a great atmosphere

by Yoona Kang
haps Korea Magazine

Situated around Millak Waterfront Park, Aroi’s Bbing Bbing (bbing means barbeque in Thai) offers a great atmosphere, food and alcohol selections.

As a sub-brand of Aroi Thai, Aroi’s Bbing Bbing is run in similar ways; there is a Thai chef, and workers who study in universities in Busan, but it is more casual and cheaper.

Rooftop. The lights make it more scenic at night.

The owner worked hard with carpenters for the interior and exterior and anywhere you will be seated in this restaurant, you’re sure to be comfortable. Enjoying the food, alcohol and the breeze on the rooftop, I felt like I was at a resort in Southeast Asia.

This place will be great not only for a light meal or drinking time with friends but also for having a few beers at an outside table.

There are different kinds of Southeast Asian alcohol such as San Miguel, Singha, Chang, Leo, Tiger, and Saigon beer (6,000 won, 7,000 won), Sangsom (Thai rum. 23,000 won for 300ml, 45,000 won for 700 ml), and Vietnamese vodka (22,000 won).

Satay grill (grilled pork and chicken. 15,000 won)

The pad (or phat) Thai goong (left in the main photo 16,000 won) was no different from that I had in Thailand and the kai-todd (Thai style fried chicken wing, right in the main photo 18,000 won) was fresh and crunchy.

The satay was a little salty for my preference, but it was the right choice to combine with drinking, and the sauce was so exquisite that I wanted to buy the green one especially for seafood.

There are also such choices of Thai food as somtam, kuetio (Thai rice noodle with beef, green or red curry, massaman curry, and phat kra pow moo sab (stir fried pork with rice) all for reasonable prices.

There are outside tables on the left behind white little fences.

Aroi’s Bbing Bbing is a pet-friendly restaurant and they also have bowls for dogs and cats. In case of customers who do not like pets, they may temporarily have a ‘no pets zone’.

Parking is available for up to six cars. WiFi is available. Reservations are recommended for bigger groups or if you want to have a small party on the rooftop.

Restaurant Information

Aroi’s Bbing Bbing

Open: 2 pm – midnight daily (except days with bad weather)

2 p.m. – 2 a.m. next day on Fridays and Saturdays

Address: 110-88, Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan

Phone: 070-8831-6234

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