ASEAN Cultural House to host ‘Time for Tea and Coffee’ Exhibition March 11 June 19

ASEAN Cultural House to host ‘Time for Tea and Coffee’ Exhibition March 11 June 19

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The ASEAN Cultural House, located in Haeundae-gu, Busan, under the Korea Foundation (KF), announced that it will hold an exhibition ‘Time for Tea and Coffee’ that showcases the culture of ASEAN, a producer and consumer of tea and coffee, along with contemporary art.

The exhibition introduces the works of five (team) creators who paid attention to the three keywords ‘coffee’, ‘tea’ and ‘pause’. 

Artists Baek Jeong-gi, Lee Chang-won, and Park Hwa-young, and graphic designer team Gowaseo (Park Go-eun and Kim Seo-kyung) and space design team Mujin-dongsa (Kim Tae-hyung, Son Jeong-min) welcome the audience with their inspiring works.

Artist Baek Jeong-gi provides a starting point for thinking about ‘stop’ through landscape photos printed using pigments extracted from plants such as tea leaves, flowers, and plant stems. 

Artist Changwon Lee reproduces tea leaves, drawings, sculptures, and images that contain the historical memories of the colonial era that Asian countries commonly experienced in the past with coffee powder. 

Writer Hwa-Young Park captures the stains of coffee cups consumed daily in a 4-channel video, paradoxically translating the break of ‘Coffee Break’, interpreting it as a time to “break” dynamically rather than a static break. 

Graphic design duo Gowaseo expresses the cultural aspects of coffee and tea in the ASEAN region with information graphics, and the spatial design team Mujindongsa creates a space that reinterprets the ASEAN tea-room to provide relaxation and cultural experience to visitors to the exhibition. provide time

The exhibition will be held from the 11th of this month to the 19th of June. The Cultural Center planned the exhibition to provide an opportunity for people to rest and recuperate.

Event Information
Exhibition Period: March 11 – June 19
Exhibition Venue: ASEAN Cultural Center Special Exhibition Hall
Host/Organizer: ASEAN Cultural Center, Korea Foundation
Exhibition Planning: Art Space Gong-won

Image: ASEAN Culture House

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