Asiad Homeplus transforms into a 'Mega Food Market' in Yeongnama

Image: Homeplus
Image: Homeplus

Asiad Homeplus transforms into a 'Mega Food Market' in Yeongnama

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The Busan Homeplus Asiad branch will transform into a ‘Mega Food Market’ for the first time in the Yeongnam region.

Homeplus announced that it is renewing the Asiad store located in Geoje-dong, Yeonje-gu into a Homeplus Mega Food Market in line with changing trends and customer demand.

Mega Food Market is a futuristic mart model newly introduced by Homeplus in February. It is a strategy to significantly strengthen the ‘food’ and ‘experience’ that large marts show the most strengths, centered on super-large food stores.

This is also an upbringing plan to gain an edge in the competition with the e-commerce industry, which has intensified since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Homeplus stores in the Seoul metropolitan area that have been renewed as mega food markets are showing a high sales growth rate of more than 20% on average, and are enjoying the renewal effect.

The Homeplus Asiad store, which opened in 2003, is famous for being the largest among stores nationwide.

It is a super-large shopping mall equipped with not only a mart, but also a movie theater and bowling alley, and the area of the mall alone is close to 6,000 pyeong. The size is equivalent to three Seoul World Cup Stadiums and is the largest among large supermarkets in the country.

Homeplus analyzed that the customers of the Asiad store were mainly young adults in their 40s and 50s and apartment residents, and carried out the renewal through this.

‘Food to Go’, which includes deli products such as ‘Dangdang Chicken’, a ‘Fresh to Go’ salad bar, and a premium bakery ‘Mont Boulanger’ are placed in front of the store.

In addition, ‘The Meat Market’, which showcases exotic tropical fruits and high-quality meat such as Korean beef, Carrara beef, and 1855 Black Angus, and ‘Dining Street’, which collected 6,500 popular sauces from 20 countries around the world, are all in one place.

The non-food category has been innovated according to the concept of a specialty store that provides a variety of experiences.

Products such as ‘Toy Adventure Land’, ‘Kitchenware’, ‘Gardening & Decor’ and ‘Electronics Lounge’ are combined with experiential content so that everyone from children to adults can enjoy shopping.

Lee Je-hoon, CEO of Homeplus, said, “The ‘Homeplus Mega Food Market’ Asiad branch, which is making its debut not only in Busan but also in the Yeongnam region, is significant in that it has changed into a future-oriented mart that maximizes customer experience and strengthens food by taking advantage of the advantages of existing super-large shopping malls. It will be the center of the revitalization of the local commercial district by inducing additional effects such as the influx of floating population and an increase in stay time.”

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