An awesome combination of Kalguksu and Kimchi at Daeyeon-dong restaurant

물총칼국수 (6,000원)
물총칼국수 (6,000원)

An awesome combination of Kalguksu and Kimchi at Daeyeon-dong restaurant

by Sia Lee
haps Korea Magazine

Across from the UN Cemetery in Daeyeon-dong, there is a great Kalguksu place called Gongwon Kalguksu (공원 칼국수). The large, yellow outdoor sign says it specializes in Mulchong Kalguksu. Mulchong means a water pistol in Korean, which is a kind of shellfish.

The noodles are fantastic and the broth refreshes your body and mind — to many Koreans, it’s as close to comfort food as you can get. It’s also quite cheap so it has a steady stream of regulars who keep coming back.

And the kimchi — whether you are a fan or not, it is both very spicy and delicious and it can become quite addictive. As an extra bonus, you can eat as much of it as you want — a big bowl of it is on every table and they’re always happy to refill it.

If kalguksu isn’t really your thing, there are more food options, including bossam (boiled pork slices served with vegetables), and mandu (Korean dumplings). After trying them all, it was hard to pick the best food here because they were all so good. Nonetheless, many regulars, including myself, come here mainly for the kimchi — it really is that good.

Just so you know:
• There is always a queue during lunch time, so going there a little late or early is recommended.
• If you like spicy kimchi, this is the place for you.
• There are only tables with floor seating.

As a plus:
• You can park at the huge parking place in front of UN Cemetery.
• You can visit the UN Cemetery, DAIM Gallery, Busan Cultural Center and other museums nearby.

Restaurant Information
Gongwon Kalguksu (공원칼국수)
Open: 11 am — 9:30 pm Daily (except Mondays, Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays)
Phone: 051-611-3913

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