Baskin Robbins Korea introduces three “917 Beverages”

Image: Baskin Robbins Korea
Image: Baskin Robbins Korea

Baskin Robbins Korea introduces three “917 Beverages”

haps Magazine Korea

SPC Baskin-Robbins will introduce two types of ’31 ounce (917ml) ‘ large-capacity blasts and one type of coffee with the number symbolizing the brand.

The standard capacity of the new ‘ 917 Beverage’, ’31 oz’, was planned with the motif of ‘ 31 ‘, the representative number of the brand, which means to present a new taste every day throughout the month of June.

It is a takeout-only product with a capacity of 917 milliliters which is the equivalent of two regular Baskin Robbins regular-size drinks.

The ‘917 Water Blast’ for 5,800 won offers two types — grapefruit or citron — that are highly preferred by consumers.

A ‘917 Ice Americano’ for 3,800 won will also be released.

Baskin Robbins is holding various events to commemorate the launch of the new products, such as offering free 917 Americano coupons to the first 917 customers at 9:17 am every day on the Happy Point application from June 5 to 9.

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