Bene, Bene Good Coffee

by Itaewon Ed
Stripes Korea

Down towards the end of Osan AB's Shinjang Pedestrian Mall is Caffe Bene, a locally owned franchise of a fast-growing Korean coffee chain.  With comfortable seating both indoors and out (for smokers), Caffe Bene is a great place to people watch as Koreans and Americans head to and from Osan Air Base.  This location also offers free WiFi.  And, best of all, they have their own parking lot!  Very rare in Korea and very desireable for Americans. Caffe Bene is located right at the end of the pedestrian zone.

Owner Mr. Duk Ho Kim and his staff speak English and also provide English menus.  Like many coffee shops, there is a full range of coffees, lattes, frappes, smoothies, etc.  In case you're counting, Caffe Bene's menus include calories.  Then again, if you're ordering a White Mocha Frappeno (375
calories) you probably don't care about calories.  Almost all beverages come in two sizes--regular and large.  My regular sized coffee came in a huge mug, which should be big enough for just about everyone's needs.

Of course you must save room for something sweet to eat.  Caffe Bene offers a wide range of standard treats, along with rotating specials.  My cheesecake was really thick and very tasty.  I don't like very sweet foods and this cheesecake was perfect for my palate.  Caffe Bene's signature desserts are their Bingsus, which is Caffe Bene's name for their Patbingsu,a popular Korean dessert of shaved ice with lots of decadent toppings.  The portions are huge.  In fact, it is recommended to share the dessert with a second person.  Speaking of second people, the Caffe Bene location in Shinyang is currently offering a special--a free Americano (regular coffee) with any drink order.  Who needs a Starbucks...

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