Best Decadent Brunch in Korea: Guilty Pleasure

by Michael Hanrahan
Groove Korea (

Brunch can be filling, satisfying, restorative, and in the best case it’s all of those things; but brunch is rarely transcendent.  Brunch doesn’t make you text your friends, telling them you had the best meal of your life. Today it can be. Go to Guilty Pleasure and order the Bourbon French Toast with homemade bacon maple syrup and caramelized bananas.  Fit a bit of everything onto the fork, bite in, and let sweet and savory mix in your mouth. Emit a low moan. Field side-eye from the next table but pay no mind because, damn, this is amazing brunch.

The scrambled eggs aren’t just scrambled eggs: they’re cooked with truffle oil, placed on a toasted baguette, and topped with duck and aged prosciutto. Each bite is eyeball-rolling levels of good from start to finish.

Sang, the owner, really talks up the mac and cheese and it’s worth it to mind his advice. The aged cheddar bursts with sharp and savory flavours, and the pulled pork (oh yeah, there’s pulled pork in it) completely cuts through the cheesiness while adding to the overall, perfectly deep flavor and texture. Then for good measure, particularly if you’re wearing elastic, order dessert and get flambé with rum, bananas, ice cream and chocolate, or you can get a beignet (KRW 5,000).  Wash it all down with a mimosa (KRW 12,000), or coffee or tea (KRW 4,000).

Guilty Pleasure checks another key brunch spot criterium by looking cool. Neon signs illuminate the walls, the bar is gorgeous and stocked, and the overall vibe will transport you to a secret Manhattan bar. The back patio is the ideal place to spend a weekend afternoon drinking and eating for hours.

While the restaurant is not necessarily a “budget-conscious” brunch option, when compared with the other spots in this price range, Guilty Pleasure’s high quality puts it in a league of it’s own.

Address: 1F, 2-10 Itaewon-ro 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Phone: 02-794-4332

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