The best fried chicken in Seoul

by Mishka Grobler
Groove Korea (

The “Coco” in many Hispanic countries is the name given to an irrational fear, equivalent to the boogeyman. In Korea, it is simply a place to get the best fried chicken in the city. Now, now, I hear you say, fried chicken joints are as common as bar brawls in Club FF on a Saturday night. What makes The Coco so special?

For starters, they serve their beer in 400 ml and 700 ml frosted glasses — gorgeously icy, frosted glasses with a slice of lemon on top. The food menu consists of a wide variety of chicken, which is served in a bowl and rested on a large helping of sliced, crispy potato chips. This is accompanied by a side of ranch sauce of their own creation, as well as the standard spicy red sauce served at most chicken places.

The favorite by far is the “diet” option. By diet they mean deboned and then deep-fried in oil. Instead of the rock-hard crust usually coating your white meat, The Coco’s chicken is slightly spiced, and garnished.

Regardless of the obvious health issues, this is the best chicken I’ve tasted in Seoul. If the fear of keeling over with a heart attack is too much for you, though, get a portion of seafood nulungjitang (누룽지탕) instead — your own pot of singed rice, vegetables and seafood in broth for around the same price. Or, go the extra-healthy route and opt for a salad, or their varied fruit platter.

Be warned: dishes here are made for sharing. The portions are huge, pitchers of beer are available, and a big screen alternating between K-pop and hip-hop provides the entertainment. This is not the place to go to for a quiet night out. It is, however, the place to go for a cheap evening. The dishes range from around 12,000 to 20,000 won ($11 to $18 -- for two people sharing), while a 2-liter pitcher sets you back 9,000 won. The prices, and atmosphere, make the slightly random location worth the trip. The Coco is open from 5pm ‘til late.


From Yaksu Station, walk straight out of Exit 3 for about 100 m. The Coco will be on your right. Alternatively, from Cheonggu Station, turn left out of Exit 3 and walk straight for about 200 m. The Coco will be on your left. 

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