The best noodle restaurant in Daegu

by Itaewon Ed
Stripes Korea

Located about halfway between Camp Henry and Camp Walker, Som Kal Kook Su (Famous Home Made Noodles) is famous for their, well, noodles.  You can get them in a variety of styles, but I recommend the traditional Korean noodle. I like my noodles firm, not soggy, and my order came out perfect.

The restaurant is run by the Kim sisters.  While neither admitted to speaking English, large menus are posted on the walls.  The menus include English and pictures, so you should have no problems getting what you want.

The restaurant is pretty large, so they can accommodate a large group.  There is an open kitchen, so you can watch one of the Ms. Kims prepare your meal.
The place gets pretty crowded for lunch, but dinner traffic is lighter.  The prices are the same for both meals.

If you’re not interested in a big bowl of noodles, which should fill up most appetites, another house specialty are the leek pancakes.  Although I did not have them on my most recent trip, the smell from an order at the next table was quite intoxicating and I’m pretty sure I already know what to order on my next visit.

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