Best Pastry Brunch: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

by Diana Weber
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One thing Seoul has no shortage of is baked goods. Whether it’s the ubiquitous chains or the small shops on the corner selling pastries laced with garlic, a bakery is never more than a few blocks away.  For days when no ordinary pastry will do, head to Apgujeong and go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for a true culinary treat.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse started in California and has made its way to Seoul.  The Apgujeong location features a neon lit sign that proclaims: “I left my cruffin in San Francisco.” It’s difficult to miss.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing items- the brioche donut– comes in a handful of flavors, most noteworthy being vanilla and raspberry. The flavored cream oozes out of a pastry with the texture of a glazed donut.  The sweetness comes from both the outer layer which is coated in thick sugar granules and the cream. The cream has just enough flavor to not be overwhelming, with the vanilla having a sweet- and strangely addicting- after taste and the raspberry having actual bits of the fruit inside.  

The sticky bun with salted caramel drips, literally, with sweetness; break open the dessert to see that it is soaked through with syrup. This one was beyond anything I’d ever tasted and what made it truly unique was the bottom of the dessert: it had the hardness of a candy apple with that same shiny, thickened sugar.

For the sugar-averse, the savory danish is the best bet.  Mr. Holmes has two options: onion or onion and potato. The outside is a flaky (use a napkin!) and the inside is filled with one of the two aforementioned options.

The only item missing the mark was the ube puff with prickly pear glaze. It’s a beautiful pastry with a striking pink icing, but I found the icing too sweet and the inside too bland. It was a tad disappointing considering how nice the outside looked but, alas, you cannot always judge a pastry by its cover.

Coffee and dessert culture reigns huge in Seoul and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is definitely a place to go to become a part of it. The crumbly, sweet, and flakey desserts- as well as the selection of different beverages- are all incredibly high quality and delicious. So head on over and be able to proudly proclaim what their box famously states: “I got baked in Seoul.”

Gangnam-gu, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34
+82 2-547-2004

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